My ideal workday consists of resolving a wide range of user experience related duties, while creating compelling strategies through the development of effective digital content. I believe that deadlines and hardwork are the best rules when it comes to achieving success in an organization.

Achieve a 100% satisfaction from your event as a complete strategy will be put in place from start to finish. My award winning team is known to bring the best in every occasion.

"We have been getting rave reviews from our guests and Derick and I both appreciated your attentiveness to both our wishes and needs for the evening. Having you there made it so much easier, especially with your expertise."
Misty & Derick
"Femix encouraged all of the guests in a way that they followed our planned events while having lots of fun. It’s important that people don’t divide to small groups isolating from others, which has happened at some weddings. "
"Our wedding was an international wedding and Femi was able to quickly learn about both of our cultures and ethnic music of both sides. He perfectly blended them with the popular Canadian music. Our wedding was a total success and everybody enjoyed it"

User experience Design

My duty is dedicated into creating a great memorable experience for your occasion before and during the event. Putting users first is prioty goal in achieving desired results 

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Event Photography

Your event is covered with the most sociable professional personalty that captures the most favorite peaks of the event. 

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Music Production & DJ

Music is nowdays not easily evictable from a quality media. My passion for music and continous compilation of artists and skills are the keys to my classic performance in a live event

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